Monday, May 23, 2011

More Turkey talk....

I must share a great new place for good eats.  I told you about Bruxie and now I present to you Archibald’s!  Oh, Archibald you sly devil!  Such a small place for such powerful flavors!  Our paths had to cross and cross they did this Sunday in the wee morning hours (approximately 2:00 am Pacific Standard time…don’t ask me what I was doing in Long Beach at that time).  I mentioned my good friend Glenda (she is of the waffle magic post), well she has a great accessory by the name of Tom (her hubs).  He’s super cool and can bust an ACDC song like nobody’s biznez!  Anyway, he introduced me to Archibald’s Mediterranean Turkey Burger...tada!  OK so a photo would normally appear here but I was too busy enjoy the burger that I didn't think to take a picture!  If you saw the photo though you would see all this gloriously juicy turkiness of a burger with lettuce, tomatoes, and other stuff...sorry can't recall other stuff as I was too busy eating said stuff... I swear I scarfed that sucker down!  And the fries! Dang were they good…you can’t go wrong with some paprika in your fries! Anyway, that’s Archibald’s…if you are ever in Long Beach, Victorville or anywhere near their other locations you must pay them a visit!  Check out their website.

So, I’ve been working on some stuff and hope to post soon.  I found these while going through an old box I had thrown nicely put away in my closet.... 

and made these earrings.  I really like the color combo! 

Until next time…heeeeeeerrrrssss LUNA….sleeping!



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