Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Today is Cinco de Mayo.  The day the small "army" of farmers beat the big army of french men.  Yep, I am a great history teller!  OK, how's this for some history...I am told my French Great Grandfather met my Mexican Great Grandmother during this time – I’m thinking not actually at the war itself but maybe he was patrolling the  riverbed and she was…I don’t know…picking wild flowers then suddenly she looks up and sees this handsome young fellow but notices the uniform and is scared at first because, after all, he is a French soldier but then meets his eyes and…BANG!!! She fell in love, but she was one step behind him, as upon seeing the vision of loveliness that she was he immediately was smitten with the Mexican  señorita!  However, since he was in the French army that was invading her town their love couldn’t be, but it was much bigger than any war (and apparently language) and they persevered…OK, I’ll stop….I think I still have some of the cough medicine in my system!  I just asked my mom and she said she vaguely remembers being told that the French soldiers were stationed in the town where my great-grandmother lived and that’s how they met.  My great-grandmother’s family apparently came from money and she was a socialite.  Her aunt also married a French man as well.  She wasn't able to tell me more as she said that as a young girl she wasn't really interested in her grandparents lives.  Hmm…I like the riverbed story better!  OK, back to business...I have a recipe for you!  I know my first one and hopefully not my last.  This recipe is for one of my favorite weekend breakfasts -- Papas y Huevos con Chorizo (potatoes & eggs with chorizo).  Here’s what you’ll need:

Serves 4-6

5-6 potatoes depending on size (we use Russet potatoes)
½ pound of chorizo – I like pork chorizo but you can use beef if you prefer – you can add more chorizo if you prefer
5 eggs – can use more or less if you prefer -- I like one egg to 1 potato ratio.
2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil – I ran out so used grape seed oil, which was more than fine.
2 tsps. Salt (more or less depending on your taste buds – can also do garlic salt)
2 tsps. pepper (again, you can add more if you want – don’t recommend using less)
Cheese – we use the Mexican blend in a bag (Sargentos), or you can use pepper jack, cheddar or colby.

Peel each potato 

 cut each potato into small squares (the smaller you cut the quicker they cook).  While you are cutting the potatoes you can heat the oil in skillet.  

Add potatoes to skillet.  Add salt and pepper, and cover. Lower the heat to medium.  

Cook until potatoes are nice & tender (fork will go through it with no problem)
While potatoes are cooking – in a different skillet cook the chorizo – if purchased chorizo links make sure to cut into the casing so that you can squeeze the chorizo out.  

Once in pan turn heat to medium high and breakup the chorizo so that you have smaller bits (like when you cook ground beef).  Make sure to stir frequently.  You’ll notice it’s done when the meat looks darker and it’s firm (like ground beef).

Drain the grease from the chorizo and add chorizo to the cooked potatoes.  

Now for the eggs – I like to add a splash or two of milk then whisk together until well combined, you can omit this if you like and just whisk the eggs together

After eggs have been properly introduced add to the potato and chorizo mixture.
Mix all together – don’t over stir as you don't want to make the potatoes mushy.  Just cook until eggs are done.

Now, you can either eat as is (I recommend putting it on a plate first, but if you want to eat out of the skillet I won't judge) with cheese sprinkled on top…or do what we did and make a burrito out of it!  Heat up a flour tortilla then add the mixture some cheese and sour cream and call it breakfast. OLE!

 Disclaimer:  This is my first ever food tutorial so don’t hate on me if the directions aren’t that great. 
 I could go for one of these right now! 

And that's all folks!  Ooops! Almost forgot the Luna pic of the day....
Looks like Luna had a couple of those cadillac margis! 

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