Monday, May 2, 2011

Medicine head...

I have a cold.  It sucks.  I’m hooked on Halls.  I’m sure I’ll kick the habit once the cough goes away, but for now I am popping one every hour…I know it says every 2 hours but I think I’m OK.  Hey, it beats having medicine head from the cough syrup.   Anyway, Halls company must be on a positive kick mode as they now have a “pep talk in every drop”…no joke!  Well, it’s not actually inside the “drop” it’s actually in the wrapper.  I guess they want you to feel better about having a cold (after all if you didn't have one they'd be outta business!). Some of their "pep talk" jems are..."Don’t waste a precious minute.” and “Fire up those engines!”, but honestly my “fire” is gone and really I do want to waste “a precious minute” (actually several hundreds of them!) at home in my bed sleeping!  But thanks anyway Halls company, I appreciate your efforts.  OK, enough about my complaining.  I actually finished some new jewelry. Yay me! (how’s that for a  pep talk?!?).  I took some pics with my phone camera so the pics aren’t very good, but I thought I would post them here before I put them on my Etsy store. Oh, speaking of my Etsy store. I have a new banner! It’s really pretty.  I purchased it through Etsy and I love it!  Now I have to work on making my blog nicer.  I am still on the fence with the name and driving Vivian crazy coming up with some goofy ones.  I’ll decide on one soon or keep this one.  Maybe I’ll name it “Undecided”.  

And of course, here's a photo of Luna....



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