Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Bib Necklace

Happy Halloween!!!!  I must admit Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays.  I just never really got into it.  OK, full confession here...I didn't even like going "trick or treating" as a child. For reals! BUT, as I got older I got more into it even dressing up now and then and enjoying a Halloween party here and there.  AND, I always made sure Vivian dressed up for Halloween and went "Trick or Treating" (I think this year she is going as a Volleyball player...I zombie Volleyball player), as she really liked dressing up and, of course, all the candy. And yes, I've even dressed up Luna for Halloween. 

OK, so back to crafting...I made a Halloween bib necklace using Duck tape.  Duck tape has really evolved from the gray tape of yesteryear (or something like that).  We were fortunate to receive 3 different designs during SoCal Social.  The I mean spooky...spider design was my favorite.

Supplies, I scissors, glue and hole punch.

First I cut out a pattern on cardboard box (used the lid of one of my shoe boxes I was going to throw away). I then covered it with the Duck tape, added black felt to the back with glue, then went crazy with the bling, punched to holes at the top for the ribbon and done! 

And, since I was having so much fun, I made earrings to match. I know, I'm way too cool!
Until next time!
She's all set for Halloween!  

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