Friday, October 11, 2013


Yes, I am so happy it's Friday! The last couple of weeks have been sad.  One of my best friends MIL passed away last week. She was a very sweet lady and will be greatly missed.  I made some desserts to take to the viewing that took place on Sunday.  One of the desserts was these delicious Citrus Butter Cookies from the great The Pioneer Woman  blog.  This is one of the fist blog sites I visited and several years later still love!  

I would post the recipe and how to, but really no one does it better than Ree.  So click on over to her site here and make these delicious cookies!  The cookies made people smile and that was my objective.  I also made chocolate chip cookies and Oreo cheesecake bites.  

I've also been working on making stuff for my Etsy store.  In the midst of that I made this  jewelry set for same best friend. It was her birthday present.  I'm happy to report she loved it (at least that's what she said).  

Over the weekend I also got to volunteer at the Patchworks Edible Edition in Costa Mesa, CA.  It was a nice event.  Not really what I expected, but good nonetheless.  

One last thing....Vivian was bored yesterday and made these drawings...

Pretty cool huh!  I was very impressed. My kid's got skills! 

Until next time!
This is Luna after I caught her messing up my bed.

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