Thursday, October 25, 2012

SoCal Social - Part 1

Last Saturday was the 2nd annual SoCal Social blogging event.  The event is put on by some fabulous ladies -- Beverly from Flamingo Toes and Vivienne from The V Spot.  I went last year and had so much fun and met some very cool bloggin ladies.  Two I have kept in touch with through out the year and we met up again this year.  Melody from Melody M. Nunez blog and Amanda from Kaleidoscope of Colors.  We spent the day, along with a new bloggin friend Oksana from Oksana + Hobbies, at the Orange Circle in Orange, California.  When we arrived we were given an empty swag bag and a list of stores to hit up for some awesome swag (and food!).  We ended the swag walk with dinner at Avila's El Ranchito where we received more swag and opportunities to win some cool prices (more on that in part 2).  

I dig the Orange Circle and bonus -- it's near my home!
Here are the many photos I took of our Swag Walk....

The Bruery...full of wine, beer, cheese, etc.,...all the goodness in the world!  We had our photo taken by one of their employees....from left to right -- Melody, me, Amanda & Oksana.  They were kind enough to provide cheese wrapped with something (can't recall but it was good) and we ended up ordering grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. So good!
On to Gallery at Glassell.  They had a cool beverage for us (or coffee if you so inclined) with either Meyer Lemon or Acai Black Currant simple syrup mixed in...

We moved on to my favorite Paris in a Cup Tea Salon.  Paris in a Cup = yummy macarons!  They were generous with their swag this year and included a croissant chicken sandwich...deliciousness!  We ended up going back and purchasing some more macarons.
Eikon Home -- this is such a nice little store and the owner is, well nice...super nice (yeah, I know I'm a wordsmith I tell ya!)
 And check out their cool napkins with inspirational wipe your mouth and feel all inspired afterwards!  I like it!
A couple of stores down was Affaire de Coeur.  Oui! Oui!  I was obsessed with that necklace! I want it!!!
We had to reel Amanda back as she was going to sneak off to the crazy store...I don't know the name but it's packed full of stuff and you can't move for fear of bringing everything down!  
Don't go in there you'll get crushed!!!

On our way to Country Roads we met up with some fellow bloggers...
Hello ladies!  

Country Roads is HUGE!  Has tons of stuff...Amanda made herself at home in the antique tub...

Accross the street we went to Elsewhere Vintage.  It's such a lovely store full of lovely vintage clothes and accessories. 
Right next door is Lost & Found, which is another cool vintage store...check out the pink men's shoes...
Speaking of up was the Joy Ride Vintage store for, well, men....I didn't take pics of the clothes but they had some rockin' cool suits, ties, shoes, etc.
And now we pause for a silly photo op...

And we're back...Down Home Antiques was shock full of interesting, um, antiques...from deer heads, to Indian heads, to doll heads....oh, and a fake cake!  Although they were nice enough to have coffee and yummy cupcakes and brownies for us.  
And then there was Julep's Home & many beautiful things!  

That's it.  I hope I didn't miss any stores...I had so many photos!  Anyway, stay tuned for Part 2 of our SoCal Social adventures!

Until next time!

(Luna's photo usually goes here, but she was being a diva and wasn't in the mood for a photo.)



  1. Wow!! That was so great! I loved looking through all your photos - they were so fun! I'm so glad you were able to join us again this year Alma - and I can't wait to read part 2! :)

  2. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing! What a fabulous time we had!

  3. Oh this is too cute!! I am working on my post now. Love it!

  4. Great pix...totally captured the fun of the day! Loved it!