Friday, March 9, 2012

What I made...

I decided to paint the hex nuts (shown here) for a different look.  I like they way they came out.  I tried black first but I'm sure they will look good in different colors also!  I made this bracelet….

Heres all I needed….
Oh and jump rings, chain, lobster closure, paint brush, pliers....but that's it
Simple to do just paint each hex nut, wait to dry, add connecting jump rings, connect to a chain, add a closure and done!

Having a lil' wrist party…nothing too crazy.  Never been one to over accessorize, as I hate the weighed down feeling of too many necklaces and bracelets on.

And just for kicks I made these earrings….

Have a great weekend!

Until next time!

This is the face I get when I tell her she can't sit on my lap...yeah, I gave in and she sat on my lap while I worked on the earrings.

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