Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ring Tutorial....

I have a ring tutorial to share with you, but first I have to mention that Luna received a special gift in the mail yesterday.  Last week Amanda from Kaleidoscope of Colors e-mailed me to announce I had won her contest.  And what was the price….a dog jacket of my choice!  Check it out....

Too cute, right!  
OK, now on to the tutorial…this time my cell phone camera cooperated and I was able to download the photos!  So, last night while organizing my craft making stuff I found these…

Why I have them I don’t recall…probably for some other DIY that I never DIY’d. 

I then found some lovely scraps of paper, a couple of blinged out brads and a bag full of adjustable rings...among other crap stuff.  I wanted to do something with the washers and thought why not make rings! I’m sure someone else out there thought of this first, so I won’t take credit for it being an original thought…BUT…if this has never been done before then yep…I’m a freakin' genius! ;)

Here is what you will need:

1.  Washer (any size)
2.   paper (any kind….heavier weight works best)
3.  Glue
4.   Felt
5.   Brad
6.  Adjustable Ring Base

First measure paper to washer and cut to fit.

Then glue (I used mod podge)the paper to washer

After that you take your brad and push through the hole in center of washer.  Bend the “arms” of the brad.
When I say "fold" I mean "bend"....did I mention this is only my second tutorial???
Then cut felt for the bottom portion (if you don’t have any you can use paper as well) and glue (used E-6000 for this portion as mod podge wasn’t sticking to felt…if you use this glue heed the warning and use in ventilated area unless you want to get sick off the fumes…I’m not saying that happened to me….OK, maybe a little sick but I’m fully recovered. ) to washer.

Once that’s done glue (used E-6000 again) the completed washer to adjustable ring and TADA!  You have a new ring...

or two...

I “sealed” the ring base with varnish (used clear nail polish and worked great). 

Vivian loved the I got the teen approval stamp.  All is well in the world!  J

Until next time…


  1. Oh I just love the rings. But Luna looks so Beautiful!! What a princess, I just love her face. So glad you won and thanks for mentioning me. <3

  2. Thank you again! I love the jacket and it fit Luna perfectly!