Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rainy Sunday...

This past Sunday I woke up to rain. I love it when it rains! Well, I love it when it rains and I’m home.  When I checked my e-mail I saw that Joy the Baker had posted a new recipe on Friday.  I dig her blog! Since I had all the ingredients on hand I had to try her Brown Sugar Bacon Biscuits.  Check out her recipe here.  

I did make one change to the recipe in that I did not “knead” and “roll out” the dough, nor did I use a biscuit cutter, as 1) I don’t own one and 2) since I wasn't kneading and rolling why use a cutter???  OK so I made three changes in total but that is it.  Everything else was exactly as she wrote it.  So, yeah, the biscuits turned out perfectly rustic looking, as I just grabbed a handful of dough and plopped it on the cookie sheet.  They didn’t look as pretty as Joy’s, but they were still delicious!  Soft and flakey…some sweetness hitting some taste buds with some savory hitting others….it was a nice breakfast party in my mouth!  

Until next time....

Is this photo making you as sleepy as it's making me???

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