Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The one with the cake pops & earrings

I know I was MIA all last week.  I was busy making 165 of these little suckers….

I made them for one of my best friend’s little girl.  She turned 5 years old and had a birthday bash this past Saturday.  Her favorite character is, of course, Hello Kitty, and her very talented mama had a Hello Kitty themed birthday party.  I am happy to say that the Hello Kitty Cake Pops were a success…even if they did not have faces!  I had every intention of putting faces on them but the two Wilton Edible Ink pens purchased for said faces did not work!  I was very upset but my friend said “don’t worry about it”, and after worrying about it some more (trying to figure out what to use for eyes and whiskers...sprinkles came to mind) I decided to let it go and found that I liked the cake pops just as they are!  Faceless! 

So, this project along with working full time left me little time to do anything else but it was all worth it! It all came together just right and we had a great time at the party.

OK, so that’s done and now I have moved on to thinking about Christmas.  I decorated my little tree this past Sunday, and actually bought one gift.  I’m one of those wait until the last minute type of people, right?...looks's not just because I’m a procrastinator by heart, but because I end up giving the gift ahead of time!  So, yeah, I wait until the week or two before Christmas to shop (some years the day before!)…and even that’s hard to do!  Last night I made two pairs of earrings for Christmas gifts.  Here is one…
I'm diggin the ability to make collages on! 
I like the way the chain around the big black beads turned out.  Kind of bad ass…well, sorta.  I liked them so much I’m keeping them…wearing them right now as a matter of fact!

Gotta get busy and make more stuff!  Tonight I'm baking as having girls night in and trying a new cookie recipe.  If it works out will post by end of week.  Wish me luck!

Until next time!  

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