Thursday, October 20, 2011


I don’t like spiders. In fact when I see one I shudder and if one happens to be in my room or anywhere near me I scream internally (OK, sometimes externally…I’m not proud of it) and immediately call for someone to rescue me.  They can be big or small....I don’t discriminate…I just don’t like the buggers!  BUT! I do like my new spider ring.  They are both creepy and cute!  Can’t say the same for the real deal.  I got the "how to" from Craftily Ever After last year and made it into a hair clip to wear to a Halloween party (I would’ve taken a photo of said hair clip but I can’t find it…OK, imagine the spider, but bigger, with tulle underneath for the "web"…and then glued to a hair clip…I’ll make a new one and post the pic next time) and decided they would be great as rings.  Basically I followed the instructions (her tutorial is easy to follow) the same but used smaller beads for the body and used lesser (used  about 15) seed beads for the legs. 

I added red shoes on one of them. 

But the other one got jealous and went after the stylish spider.  

No worries…I broke them up and all was right in the world.  (Yeah, I’m a dork.)

OK, so I’m still not sure about my Halloween costume, but you bet these little guys will be coming along for the ride.  

Until next time...I leave you with Luna in her Halloween costume circa 2009...
I think the hat lasted maybe 5 minutes on her head. 

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