Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Costumes...

On Saturday my guy and I are invited to a Halloween party, so of course, we have to dress up.  I didn’t feel like purchasing a new costume so am re-using my "Sorceress" black dress I wore last year, and am going as “Spider Queen” or “Black Widow” or “girl (OK, fine...Lady) wearing all black with a bunch of spiders on her” (I even bought a pet plush spider I named Paco...he's fluffy...or is it hairy? Anyway, he's cute.).   Am going to use one of my new spider friend and also made a hair clip (forgot to take photo).

I decided I needed something besides spiders so made a black rose (to make follow rose tutorial) and added to ring base.

Vivian dressed as a butterfly for school.  Make-up courtesy of moi.
Isn't she pretty!  OK, so I'm no make-up expert but she liked it. 
And Luna…well, Luna was not feeling her costume. Probably because it’s too small on her!  But she is still adorable as a unicorn.
Her face cracks me up!  She was NOT happy!
She was a lady bug one year and Vivian found the head piece and couldn't resist snapping this pic...

Happy Halloween! 

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