Thursday, July 25, 2013

No camera

Yep, I have no camera. :(  I use my cell camera to take photos.  On Monday I had to replace my original phone as it wasn't charging.  So, I get a replacement phone and all is well, BUT it won't read SD card. What happens when phone doesn't read SD card?  Well, I can't access the camera as it keeps asking for an SD card!  Poop!  I call Verizon and after an hour the guy says, "Yeah, it's not reading the SD card."  Um, ya think?!?!  The guy sends me another replacement phone.  I get the replacement phone that replaces the original replacement phone and guess what?  Yep, not reading SD card.  The SD card was working just fine on the original phone.  I tried another SD card, and same problem. I called Verizon again and they are sending me another replacement phone but this time from a different warehouse.  OK.  Whatever.  I just need a phone that reads the dang SD card!!!  I'm hoping this new replacement phone works.  So, long story short no tutorials, no photos of food, and no Luna pics!  BUT, I do have this nifty photo of my mom circa 1960...

Isn't she beautiful!
Until next time!

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