Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Did I mention before that Vivian loves painting her nails (and anyone else that will ask)? 

She has a box full of nail polishes.
This past week she “created” her new nail look and wanted to do my nails the same.  Of course I couldn’t deny her and below are the results….

Pretty nails!
What she used:

1. Nail Polish – I forgot what color this is actually called but it’s like a baby blue
2. Nail Polish Strips (such as Sally Hansen, Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips) – she cut them into shapes to fit the nail
3. Top Coat --  Used to seal the strips so they don't peel off.

Vivian hard at work.
She said the nails looked “old fashioned”.  Yep! They sure did.  I love that she gets creative with her nails.

Until next time!

Luna slept the whole time...she was tired after her haircut. She did have two bows on but took one off.  

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