Wednesday, February 8, 2012

San Diego....

My guy and I had a little get-away last week.  We took a drive to San Diego and spent two lovely days checking out old town SD and Gaslamp district.  We arrived early Thursday and ate at El Indio.  Sorry, no pix but suffice to say the food is muy (very) yummy! Ole!

Next we drove to old town.  We had been there before but had to check it out again.  Loved going through the kiosks they have through out the street…

These are cool...recycled using bicycle parts & (I think) motorcycle parts...

We, of course, had to stop at this marvelous little candy store. 
Check out all the goodies…

Wait there's more...
Truffles...nuf said.
After spending a couple of hours there we drove to our hotel located in the gas-lamp district. Hotel Solamar is beautiful and definitely recommend it for its décor and hospitality.
Hotel Lobby

Day & Night View from our room.

No simple white robe would do for this hotel!
They have a wine tasting hour so we took advantage of it.  Then we traveled onto the pool area, which we had seen from our hotel room.
They had a bar also so we had some guy had the Jack & Coke and I had the mojito.
We hung out for a while but then got hungry and ventured out.  We walked around with no set plans just enjoying the night and the atmosphere of the place.  Not too many people were out but that was OK with us.  Here are my favorite places...

This store had so many accessories I didn't know where to look!   
 I still have flashbacks of this place!  The name side desserts the other a bar.  Come on!  I wanted to move in! 
After walking for a bit we settled on sushi for dinner, but first we stopped at this place as we had to check out a place with such a um...funky name...
Funky Garcia's...dig the name!  
This sign was in the bathroom...
Yep, it's that kind of a place.
We ended up spending an hour or so chatting with the bartenders.

We then headed to find a sushi place and ended up here…

I know we had miso soup, calamari (so good!), and this 

But really can’t recall what else (yeah, I might have had "one too many").  I do remember that it was good and that I was full.  I also recall getting this beautiful long stem rose from my guy.

Friday we drove around and then went to the outlets located in Carlsbad, CA.  No pix as I was too busy in the shops!

Until next time!

Luna was a bit miffed that I left her for so long.