Monday, February 20, 2012

Cookies & Cake Pops

I was busy last week making these...
The pink ones are lemon flavored and the brown are chocolate.
And these...
Lemon, orange & raspberry flavored cookies.
for one of my best friend's baby shower. The them was pink and brown (yes, she is having a girl...due next month!).  I was kinda proud of the way the cookies turned out, as I had never done them before.  I followed Bake at 350's cookie (with add ons) and royal icing recipe.  Vivian helped me with some of the decorating.  I was a bit nervous in taking on the cookie project, as I had to do the cutout for the dresses myself (no cookie cutter), but I got rave reviews for the look and taste so I am very happy!  Now I want to do more cookies...I wonder if I can make a cutout cookie of Luna.

Until next time!

How cute would this cookie look!

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