Friday, January 13, 2012

Super Easy Earrings...

Yesterday while going through some stuff I found these:

Immediately I thought, “These would make cute earrings.”  And then promptly forgot about them.  Later on I thought about them again and went to putting my thought to action.

Here are the final results.  

It was so easy!  And inexpensive to make.  Here's all you need...

1. Emery board for sanding the rough edges 2. Strong glue for gluing the ear posts to the back of the brad 3. Ear posts  4. The back to the ear posts

And here’s what you have to do:

Step 1 -- grab a brad
Step 2 - cut off prongs by moving each back and forth until they snap off.
Step 3 -- the edges where the prong was will need to be sanded off and here's where the emery board comes in.

Once the above steps are done I glued the ear post to top of the back of brad.  Sorry I didn't take a photo of this step! 

Here’s how they look on….
I'm wearing the bottom left ones today. 
And that's it!  Have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time….

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