Friday, January 20, 2012

The one with the appliqués...

While watching the Golden Globes pre-show Vivian had remarked on how pretty the headbands Michelle Williams and Charlize Theron wore on the Golden Globes and I said they wouldn’t be that hard to recreate.  She looked at as if saying, "well, get on it!"...but me being a procrastinator by trade I said later.  Imagine my great delight when Jenni from I Spy DIY did just that!  I check out her blog almost on a daily basis, and yesterday she posted a DIY on the headbands.  So, last night I decided I needed to do this project.  I dug out an appliqué I had purchased a while ago thinking it would work well.  I didn’t want to do an exact replica of the headbands worn because 1) I didn’t want to go and purchase any new materials and 2) well, there is no #2.  Anyway, here are the materials I had on hand…

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I thought the brads that I used for the earring tutorial might work but I ended up not using them as the appliqué was enough.

I followed her directions and really liked her idea of using a hair band…genius I tell ya!  I couldn’t find my glue gun so ended up using super glue….definitely use a glue gun!  I mean the super glue worked just fine but my fingers were almost permanently attached to the ribbon!  Not cool!  Anyway, where was I….OK, so while looking through my stash of appliqués (OK, so I only had two) I found this really pretty ribbon and so I made another headband for Vivian.  She loved both. 

This is the other appliqué.

 It wouldn’t work for a headband and I didn’t want to sew it onto a t-shirt, so I thought “necklace”.  Perfect as it could be worn with different things.  Here’s the super easy (have you noticed that’s been my theme lately?) how to…

Vivian was my model...I think she wants to keep it as compensation!

1. Pin it to a ribbon as the ribbon will be used to tie it to your neck.
2. Sew the applique to the ribbon.
3. Wear the necklace...Ok, not really a #3 but felt that it needed it.

Until next time!  Have a fantastic weekend!!!

She kept getting into everything, so I made her a bow (see the black thing on her head) and she finally settled down.  I want to believe it's because she wanted me to make her a bow but in reality it was probably because she was afraid I'd make her wear something else!

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