Thursday, June 23, 2011

Definitely Going With It...

I’m  on this low-cal-eating-healthy-trying-to-lose-20-pounds (probably more but don’t want to freak myself out so I’ll start with that) kick.  Yeah, I’ve been on them before, but now I’m totally serious about it.  For reals!  I’m not gonna lie…it’s been tough, but I’m on my second week and it’s getting easier.  I am cooking healthy food and I do feel better.  I am giving myself one break day though.  I used said break day on Sunday for a Father’s Day BBQ, which was at my boyfriend’s house.  Surprisingly enough I didn’t over-indulge…too much.  I did enjoy one éclair…one beautiful chocolaty with perfect cream inside éclair.  It. Was. DE-VINE!  Oh my lucky charms!  It was the best freakin éclair ever!  Hey, after a week of no refined sugar you would have thought so too.  There was cheesecake…from Costco, I think.  It had like four different flavors.  There were cupcakes…but store bought and I’m not so crazy about the store bought frosting.  The éclairs won hands down.  One because they just looked so darn good, and two because they were less calories then the cheesecake (bonus!).  I think I had an out of body experience as I don’t recall what was going on while I was consuming the lovely dessert…I know people were around me….they were talking about stuff…maybe even called my name a couple of times….I think I lost 3 or 4 minutes in time….but I was one with my éclair and I stayed that way until it was gone. {{sigh}} Yeah, you come to appreciate the little things more when you are on a “low-cal-eating-healthy-trying-to-lose-20-pounds” kick.  

Anyway, I don’t have a recipe today.  I do have a new bracelet I made.  Check it out….

I have it on my Etsy store, Vivian Luna Accessories.  Speaking of my Etsy store, last night I was having doubts with it.  I hadn’t sold anything since that one sale in November (oh and to Vivian’s friend but that wasn’t on Etsy) and I kept looking at my stash and just didn’t feel inspired.  Then I would look at my completed items and thought, “Who’d want to wear this?!?!”  I had doubts…I was second guessing myself….I questioned my creativity…my skills…my hair (it was having a particularly puffy day)….really wanting an éclair….didn’t really ask for a sign…just having “one of those nights”.  BUT, this morning guess what happened….I logged onto my e-mail and I SOLD A NECKLACE!  I think this was a sign to stop my moaning and groaning and to just keep....GOING WITH IT (yeah, you knew that was coming).  Anyway, I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to know that someone out there wants to wear my jewelry.  It’s super cool! 

That’s it for now.  Until next time….

On Saturday, Luna got a haircut...I think it took 5 years off of her. ;)

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