Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nail Art

So, on top of having hand issues I've been fighting stomach issues as well.  Turns out I had Salmonella poison.  Good times!  I thought it only affected a person for a couple of days...kind of like regular food poisoning...but nope, it can really mess up your stomach.  So, this is the second month I'm still dealing with it.  Now it looks like I may be "gluten sensitive". What the?!? I guess I'll be posting some gluten free recipes soon.  All of this has made me tired and feeling way out of sorts so posting on blog hasn't been a priority.  However, I still check out other people's blogs and a couple of weeks ago I showed Vivian a blog post from someone (dang it but I can't find the post!) that had a nail tutorial I thought she would be into.  Basically you can modge podge  pics and/or words onto your nails...for the tutorial the person used words from a magazine.  Very creative!  Vivian thought so also and one night we decided to try it.  Vivian has a strong affection for the group One Direction and she just had to put their smiley faces on her nails.  Here's the how to...

What you need:

Nail Polish
Modge Podge (MP)
Thin Paint Brush
Top Coat

1.  Cut photos/words from magazines.
She added their faces on one hand and their names on the other.
2.  Paint your nails whatever color you you can see from her nails she painted hers red.

3.  Once nails are dry and you have cut the pics/words you want -- using a think brush add MP to the back of each pic/word and adhere to nail bed.  Do one at a time. 

4.  Then you will want to add MP to the top of each pic/word.
5.  After you have added MP to top let dry and then add top coat.  You will want to add several coats, but wait for each coat to dry before adding the next.

And done...

Until next time....

Luna wasn't in the mood for taking photos.


  1. I am so going to try this on my nails. :-) Love bad Luna wasn't feeling like photos.

    1. Thanks Amanda! If u do try it, please send me a photo.