Friday, May 25, 2012


I've been gone for a while...not sure if anybody noticed.  No emergency, nothing bad happened...just took a break.  I wanted to concentrate on my Etsy shop but I think I stressed myself out over it.  I couldn't think of what to make.  I kept on second guessing myself, and wondering how to market it and how to get more people interested that in the end I ended up doing nothing.  {{big sigh}}  I decided that maybe if I bought some new supplies it may recharge me, so I'm waiting for that to come.  However, yesterday while shopping at Marshall's I came across this placement.
I thought it was perfect for a "placemat clutch".  I've seen countless tutorials out there for them but the ones I've seen involved sewing.  I still wanted to make one but I am too intimidated by my sewing machine (don't ask why...but I've taken control and signed up for sewing lesson next month!).  I figured at $1.99 I would buy it and save it for later.  When I got home I thought, "hey, why not use super glue?!?!"  Why not indeed!  I figure if it didn't work I wasn't out much money.  And guess what it worked!

I added a rhinestone (it was part of an earring that died) and, since it was last minute, I added velcro for closure.  Basically I glued the sides together, clipped them in place to allow the glue to dry and then I glued the velcro and the rhinestone.  Took me like 5 minutes.  I love the end result.
front of clutch

inside of clutch
My mom thought I had just bought it at Marshall's so I guess it looked good. Vivian asked if I was going to sell it. Haha!  I guess she liked it also.  I'm happy that after weeks I made something...even if it was super easy.  

Until next time....
Luna about to chomp on her favorite treat. 

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