Wednesday, September 25, 2013


As you know I purchased a lot of charms from eBay a while back.  I mean A LOT of charms.  Trying to use all of them will be difficult to do, but oh so fun!  Here is my first attempt.  I call them "fingerlaces"...basically necklaces for your fingers!  I'm thinking of copyrighting the name as I know they will be a HUGE hit!  OK, maybe not, but they sure are easy to make. 

Supplies needed...
1. Charm
2. Chain...measure to size of ring
3. 2 jump rings
4. A tool to open and close jump rings

Close chain with one of the jump rings.  Add the charm with the other jump ring to the center of the chain and done!  Super easy! Super cute!
I made this one for Vivian...
I made other rings too...
Vivian kept all of them.  I also made her this necklace...
Cuz I love her!   
Until next time!
Smiley Luna!  

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  1. you've so creative! Love the rings, all of them! Luna is adorable as usual!