Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Masquerade Masks

August has been a busy week so far.  August 2nd I attended my friend's birthday party. You had to wear black (no problem here) and wear a mask.  Well, you know what that meant...DIY time!  I made my guy's mask and volunteered Vivian to make mine.  I wanted a lace looking mask so I googled "black lace mask" and landed on Sprinkles in Springs blog. She's amazing!  I had Vivian follow her tutorial exactly.  Here she is in action...

Click here.  Vivan was so into the process she ended up making all three of Kara's masks.

While Vivian worked on my mask I got busy on my guy's mask.  Here are the supplies.

Blank mask
Paper -- I purchased leather looking paper for the front and a velvet paper for the inside (both from Michael's)
Stick on brads
Super Glue
Black ribbon

Take the paper and glue to the mask.  Cut around it and glue edges down. Now cut the eye holes and glue edges down.  Add super glue and glue one side of ribbon and do the same to the other.  With modge-podge glue the velvet paper to the inside. Cut the eye holes same. To be honest the inside wasn't very nice looking but it was comfortable. :)

I added the stick on brads to the front and here's the finished mask.

Vivian finished my mask and I added some bling to it.

Pretty, right!

Leather & Lace
Until next time!
Luna watching us work!