Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quinceañera -- Invitations

On January 23rd Vivian turns 15.  In celebration of her birthday we are having a Quinceañera celebration for her.  It is a Mexican tradition (in other Latin countries as well) to have a big party for the girl to celebrate her “transitioning into a woman”. What the!  I’m not ready for her to be a “woman” yet…she’s still my little girl! Dammit!  Anyway...simply put, a Quinceañera is similar to a Sweet 16 party.  

There’s been so much to do…so many details...I basically have not had time for anything else.  I am DIYing the party favors, Vivian’s bouquet, hair accessories for the girls that are coming out in her Quinceañera (the girl has girls and boys that accompany her called "Court of Honor") and the invitations. It was someone’s brilliant idea to have a dessert table of which I am also doing…oh, wait that was my idea!  Although there is much to do it’s been a lot of fun planning and executing this for her. The party is January 26th.

I planned on showing the stuff as I went along, but like I said I haven’t had much time.  I did manage to take photos, so will eventually post.  First up is the invitation. I was initially going to make the invites from scratch…meaning cutting, glueing, attaching, etc. each invitation…yeah that didn’t happen as I found these great invitation kits at Michael’s that Brides magazine put out. They are so pretty and saved me tons of time and curse words.  Each package contains all you need to make 30 invitations (I needed 2 packages).  

In the box is a "how to" and directs you to a website that has the templates.  You download the template, type in invite information and BAM! Done.  Well, I did have to add an extra page to the left of the invite, as had additional information.

The invite needed a little something, so I purchased these cute blingy thingies and added ribbon the color of the invitation (by the way...Vivian's main color for party is purple).
 Attached to invite with a glue dot and now it's really done!
And ready to be mailed (they actually were mailed about 3 weeks ago).
Until next time....
Luna is ready for Christmas!  Too bad I'm SO not!!!

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  1. perfect invites! I agree, Michael's is a great place to buy this kind of stuff. Good luck with preparing for the party! It's a lot of work--but it will pay off, I'm sure.